Travel: New York City-Part 2


5th Oct 2011

So here is Part 2 to our New York City adventures and we pick up with the arrival of Jason (Jeff’s older brother) and Todd (Jeff’s best bud) and I become one of the boys.

Bethesda Fountain:The Angel of the Waters & John Lennon's Imagine

Me at Bethesda Fountain & John Lennon's Imagine

Central Park, NYC

Central Park

Jason arrived first thing Saturday morning and we all decided to head to Central Park for a cheeky beer and visit the overcrowded Strawberry Fields, sorry John Lennon but not much peace and quiet around your parts, but maybe we should have went earlier in the morning because around noon it was packed!  Instead we sat and enjoyed the sunshine on one of the parks grassy fields, while doing some people watching and then we walked around and visited the Bethesdas Fountain: The Angels of the Water (which is beautiful).

We then jumped on the subway to Lower Manhattan, specifically Battery Park which is under quite a bit of construction so unfortunately for us there was not much to see there except the Statue of Liberty in the smoggy distance, but being creative people we did find a nice spot to have refreshing lemonade from the Ritz Carlton; we went in to check it out and saw the yummy lemonade and felt free to enjoy.

Empire State Building, Lower Manhattan (Jeff & J) & Radio City Music Hall

We then walked up towards Ground Zero to see the new Freedom Tower being built, which is a nice piece of architecture so far, I especially like the way the large triangle panels give the appearance that is twirling up into the sky.  I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t done in time for the big anniversary the next weekend, but construction always takes longer than you expect it to!

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

After our daytime tour we went back to the Upper West Side to change for the nights adventures – Todd & AJ were meant to meet us at a dive bar in Soho called Miladys.  Todd was the lone solider to show up because AJ missed his flight somehow and was working his way the slowest way possible to New York.  Miladys was chill, our waitress was really friendly and I would definitely recommend going there if want to enjoy a beer in a non-trendy environment that prides itself on that.

Arturos, Soho

Arturo's in Soho

By this point we were famished so Jeff and I remembered that on our way to Miladys that we saw this little boy and his dad eating pizza that looked good and it had seating on the sidewalk – the evening was warm and we wanted to keep enjoying it.  Happy accidents happened though and there was a wait for seating, so we sidled up to the bar inside and stumbled into a great environment.  Inside there was a three piece jazz band playing and a one point the busman (I say that because he looked around 45) came over to the piano took off his ball cap, put on a fedora and suit jacket and launched into Moonriver – amazing and classic New York.  I would highly recommend checking this place out, it’s called Arturo’s,  it has quirky artwork, an intimate but playful feel to it and the atmosphere was fantastic -everyone was having a great time including us!

We finished off our evening hitting a couple more restaurants now in bar mode in the neighborhood, the last one we found was called The Dutch.  It had a vintage nautical feel to it with great graphic design, while I can’t comment on the food (seafood so I imagine it’s right up our alley), our beverages that we consumed were pretty yummy so I would venture back for sure.

So ends another wonderful day in NYC, but the best part of this story is yet to come because AJ finally makes it and my brother Ryan joins the party – stay tuned the next day was a long one!

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