One Month


10th Aug 2011

In one month Jeff and I will be celebrating our wedding day, even though we still have no venue in which to host our family and friends due the fire at Catch 54 last week.  It’s been an emotional week for both us as we wait to hear back from potential places and hearing “We are already booked”.  It’s tough and the only light right now is the love we share for each other while we support the other when the feelings of frustration, sadness and anger rise up and try to swallow us whole.

Since we heard the news it has given me a lot to consider about the amount of pressure that comes with planning your wedding day, because everyone has dreams of it being “perfect”.  It is so easy to get completely and utterly caught up in the details of what ever perfection means to you that you can drive yourself a bit  crazy and I guess that is where the term Bridezilla/Groomzilla originated from.  So how do I remind myself in the low moments when things aren’t going right, well right now I need to vent a little, cry some more or jump on my bike and go for a ride.  It is amazing the clarity you can achieve from releasing some of that built up energy.  The best option of course of is number three – getting some exercise because you feel effects in your body and mind.  It helps you focus and release while giving you back a bit of your normal self, the one that knows and can be better in a difficult and stressful situation.  I like her best.

Also I think a little perspective can bring you through the clouds of doubt, honestly this is just a day and one meant to be spent with your loved ones celebrating a new chapter in your life.  Which of course is always easy to say and hard to follow, believe you me I know it and I get it – truly and honestly this is the hardest part to achieve.  But it is either we except the challenges we have been given or fall apart and ruin something we have both been looking forward to for two years now, and I don’t want to fall apart not after all the hard work, planning and love we share as a couple.

I want to believe this will all work out, right down into my bones and most importantly my heart.  If anyone out there can lend us a hand please contact us, we appreciate any help and thank you everyone for sending us love, support, contact information, potential list of venues, etc.  You all rock and we love you so much.

thank you

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  1. Hell yea, baby! Well said.

  2. I think having this blog is a great release too….sometimes writing things down on paper can be a great way to deal with all the stresses you are experiencing right now! Although you’re not writing on ‘paper’ but you get what I mean!
    Keep plodding on….as you say this is about you two sharing your love and sharing the moment you join together with friends and family…the food, the decorations, the dress…none of it “really” matters. We all love you guys and just want to share your special day with you. We don’t mind where it happens!

  3. It is not the where that matters, it is the who, what and why that do. I know you will still have a beautiful wedding day without the perfect venue. Sending you lots of hugs during this frustrating time. xo.

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