Tales of a City Girl


28th Dec 2010

Just like planning a wedding – slowing down and enjoying my time off during the holidays seems to be easier said than done. We arrived on Christmas Eve in a bit of a whirl wind and now that the big Christmas day has come and gone I have been finding it difficult to enjoy the quiet moments.

When I was sitting at my desk back in Vancouver daydreaming of days spent in the country (Jeff’s parents live outside of Ottawa in Richmond, ON.), I saw myself catching up on reading, enjoying coffees in front of the fire, breathing easier and not having a care in the world.  But today I found myself counting the days I have left – what is that all about?!  This was not because I’m bored and want to get out of here either, but in a warped I don’t get much time off and what have I done so far twisted city girl though process.   These are some of my thoughts today – I should read more, why didn’t I enjoy that glass of wine more, why didn’t I take some photos and get all creative and it’s all a bit nuts.  Do I have city girl A.D.D. or what?!

So I am hoping that as the days go by I will be able to slow down, apparently it takes a few days for us North American nut jobs to get there, and I can actually go home feeling rested.  Maybe I need a day at the spa?  Are there any suggestions out there for me to try – honestly I am willing at this point.  I am so wound up that my brain is actually spinning!

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