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25th Sep 2012

sunset & cake

Jeff and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on September 10th and we decided to visit one of our favorite places here on the west coast, Whidbey Island just over the border in Washington. We rented a cute beach cottage attached to a big beach house located on Useless Bay near Freeland on the island.

I had also asked my talented sister-in-law Eleanor to re-create our wedding cake, which was delicious and a great idea to bring back a flood of  warm memories of our wedding day celebrations.

celebrating on the beach

The beach in front of the house was full of driftwood, so we set out to explore, collect seashells, sand dollars and of course have a photo shoot to capture the weekend.

driftwood sculptures

There were tons of driftwood sculptures all along the beach and I loved all the visual texture it created, not to mention all the creative ways people have used driftwood to make benches, art pieces and hideaways to play in, what a wonderland for kids of all ages.

exploring the beach together

Someday we hope to have a home by the sea, but it was pretty great to get to spend our first wedding anniversary pretending we do. Love you babe, thanks for the great gift!


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  1. You two are perfect together!
    We love you both. xo

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment and for helping me realise that it’s okay.
    Sometimes it takes simple words to realise that, yeah, i do need to be kind on myself when life happens. After all, life moves to quickly to not watch it happen. :)

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband! :)

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