Photos: Yaaarr get into the Photo Booth!


7th Oct 2011

We have the best family & friends honestly.  At our wedding we set up a pirate themed photo booth and well, everyone got into character and had some fun!  So I thought on a weekend when I am thinking of how grateful I am for the people we have in our lives and missing some you who are far away, that I would say thank you to our hilarious guests.  You are all amazing, fun and we love that you went full pirate – yarrrrr you all be scum of the earth and the seven seas, savy!

Scroll down because I also thought I would share some tips if you are thinking of setting up your own photo booth at an upcoming party.  Halloween is quickly approaching and how great would it be to create a spooky photo booth -OOoooOooOOOooo!

Enjoy the Thanksgiving long weekend!

UPDATE: I added more photos and the below photos to my Flickr stream for your viewing pleasures!


We be forlorn...and in search of your treasure!


Yaaarrr we be pirates!

Tips for creating a sucessful photo booth:

  1. Set up in a visible location so it’s easy for your guests to find it and remember that it is there.  Also if people can see the action going on they are more likely to wander over to join in on the fun.
  2. Make sure you have good lighting in the spot that you choose and your camera is set to use a flash so you can see your beautiful guests.
  3. Make it fun, use props and a fun backdrop to draw attention.  Also get in there yourself and get the party started!
  4. If you can, ask a few trusted camera friendly friends to mind the booth when they notice people in it.  Then you can get some nice close ups and interesting shots too.  We used a tripod, which was fine but it did get moved around a bit.
  5. Make a sign with the instructions on how to work the camera and use the remote, so people don’t get shy and decide not to use it.
  6. Put masking tape markers on the floor to indicate where people should stand (maybe a box and some x’s on the floor), use a few stand in friends to figure it out first.  We didn’t do this and had some people out of frame.

Photo booths are a fantastic way to get fun, creative shots to at your party!


Ahoy you need to be walkin the plank!


And things take a turn-it be a party!

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  1. Your wedding was amazing.. Miss you lots and love you more. Thanks for letting me part of a day I will never forget.. I met lots of people who will now be part of my life forever!!

  2. Fun…so much fun and great memories! Love you guys! Mom :) xxoo

  3. These are great! It really was so much fun and it’s great to have such wonderful photos to help us remember it all. Hugs to you both.

  4. Glad I was there to see this in person.

  5. When will you be publishing your book? You got some talent for writing girlie

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